Mrs. Saltz's Optional Summer Activities

  1. Cooking Without Looking (on You Tube)

  2. Continue working on independent living skills:

Housekeeping, preparing food, spreading peanut butter, butter, mayo on bread, making sandwiches, cutting food during meals, using the stove top and oven, microwave cooking, clean up after cooking, washing and drying dishes, using dishwasher, laundry, folding clothing, placing clothes on hangers and placing on closet bar; sweeping and mopping.

  1. Money skills: practice counting groups of different coins; count combination of coins and folded paper money, identify money by way it is folded; folds paper money; place folded paper money into wallet; identify paper money in wallet, making change

  2. Practice your signature using a signature guide.

  3. Personal hygiene practice

  4. You tube videos from Perkin School for the Blind

You Tube videos from Washington School for the Blind (Techniques for the Blind: learn to pour liquids, stove top techniques, preparing fruits and vegetables, making a sandwich, folding money, public transportation, making a bed

  1. North Dakota School for the Blind (You Tube videos: sweeping when blind blind or low vision, vacuuming when low vision or blind, knife safety, slicing produce, chopping and mincing, peeling produce.