Mrs. Saltz's 5th Hour Daily Living Skills Class

Week of June 8-12

Learning Objective: Students will give their opinion on how to solve a social conflict and learn the meanings of idioms.

Materials Needed: “A Friend Picks a Fight” worksheet, (will be e-mailed), braille writer, paper, computer or I-pad.

Activity: Read “Friend Picks a Fight” scenario and complete discussion questions.

Share how your activities went using the Student Progress Check In

Week of June 1-5

Learning Objective:

Students will interpret a food recipe.

Materials Needed:

Interpreting a recipe worksheet. (Yummy Bars) (will be e-mailed to you), braille writer or computer to record your answers


Students will read the Yummy Cereal Bar recipe and answer the questions.

Share how your activities went using the Student Progress Check In

Week of May 26-29

Learning Objective: Students will distinguish between a credit card or a debit card.

Materials Needed: Credit Card vs Debit card worksheet and scenario questions (will be e-mailed to you).

Activity: Part 1: Students will read descriptions and decide if it is a credit card or debit card.

Part 2: Read the scenarios and answer the questions.

Share how your activities went using the Student Progress Check In.

Week of May 18-22

Learning Objective: Students will learn different facts about pasta.

Materials Needed: “Pasta Trivia” worksheet (will be e-mailed to you).

Activity: Students will read “Pasta Trivia”, research questions and record answers.

Student Progress Check In

Week of May 11-15

Learning Objective: Students will identify kitchen tools by its function./ Students will increase their independent living skills.

Materials Needed: “Kitchen Tool Worksheet”, brailler and paper, assorted kitchen tools found in your home.

Activity: Read “Kitchen Tool” worksheet. Using the word bank at the end of the worksheet, pick the correct kitchen tool based on its function. Braille your answer. Check your kitchen to see if you have these kitchen tools. (Worksheet will be e-mailed to you)/ Continue helping at home with housekeeping activities.

Week of May 4-8

Learning Objective: Students will demonstrate understanding of food safety techniques.

Materials Needed: Food Safety Word Challenge worksheet.; braille writer and paper.

Activity: Read Food Safety Word Challenge worksheet. Fill in the blanks using the word bank. (Worksheets will be e-mailed)/ Keep practicing independent living skills at home.

Week of April 20-24

Learning Objective: Students will identify self-awareness in the areas of strengths and things that they need to work on.

Activity: Complete sentences or list your answers from the Self-Awareness worksheet. Print will be e-mailed and braille copies will be mailed to you.

Materials Needed: Self-Awareness worksheets/braille writer and paper

Week of April 6-10

Participate in housekeeping activities and braille list of jobs completed.

Read financial vocabulary terms, research definitions and record answers.

Financial Literacy Vocabulary Terms:

  1. Budget

  2. Checking account

  3. Emergency fund

  4. Needs vs wants

  5. ATM

  6. Bankruptcy

  7. Savings account

  8. Contract

  9. Employee

  10. Employer

  11. Deposit

  12. Withdrawal

  13. Income

  14. Expenses

  15. Salary