Orientation and Mobility

Summer Learning Activities

MOVE IT Activities from PE and O&M! Just pick one to do each day in the summer to keep your body moving and your cane skills sharp!

MOVE IT!! O&M/PE Daily Activity Challenge

Look back at all the O&M lessons listed in this Remote Learning Portal starting the week of April 6th. Pick any that you have not done yet and work on them over the summer!

Check out and explore navigation apps on your cell phone. Use the “map” apps that come on the phone and download the free app, Lazarillo. If you have an iPhone, download BlindSquare Event, which is free until the end of November. See the link in the June 1st O&M lesson.

Learn to zip up your own coat and tie your own shoes!

Make phone calls to businesses to obtain information; ask what hours a store is open or call and order a pizza to be delivered!

Treat your family to the best ice cream in your hometown! Even if you are using your parent’s cash, handle the money and pay the cashier!

Use your cane for traveling every day!

Make sure you know how to dial 911 on your home and cell phones.

When walking with a sighted adult, have them walk behind you. Ask them if they see your cane tip extending beyond your body on each side. If they cannot see the cane tip, you need to swing your cane wider to protect yourself!

With your family, watch the 5 videos below (from the April 6th lesson) that discuss and demonstrate the basics of the Sighted Guide method of traveling. (The total time to watch all 5 videos is about 15 minutes). When finished, practice the Sighted Guide techniques that have been discussed—straight line travel, going through a doorway, going up and down stairs, locating a seat, and entering and exiting a vehicle. If an adult is not available to watch with you, the adult can watch the videos at a separate time or you can teach the adult the information that you have learned from the videos!

Introduction to Sighted Guide (1:45 minute):

Basic Sighted Guide Techniques (3:55 minutes):

Going Through Doors (2:40 minutes):

Step by Step—Seating (2:43 minutes):

Step by Step—Other Useful Tips (2:27 minutes):

If you are planning to go anywhere over the summer, research the trip! What direction is it from your hometown? How many miles is it from your house? How long will it take to get there?

When traveling with your family, ask what compass direction you are going. When you make a turn, tell your family the new direction, or have them guess!

With a sighted adult, visit a new place in your hometown--a store, hospital, hotel, library, etc. Ask for information at the reception desk. Explore the inside of the building and have your sighted companion describe landmarks along the way. Return to the front door of the building and walk through the interior again telling your companion all the landmarks that you can recall.

Get outside every day for some exercise and sunshine!