Writing with Sound

Day 1

Learning Objective: learn the meaning and give examples of onomatopoeic words

Materials Needed:


  • introduce class and concept of onomatopoeia

  • go through worksheet that was sent home

Day 2

Learning Objective: recognize onomatopoeia in literary work.

Materials Needed:

Activity: teacher will read more onomatopoeic poems aloud. Students will decide on a topic for their own project and make a list of related onomatopoeic words.

Day 3

Learning Objective: use onomatopoeic words to bring depth and meaning to writing

Materials Needed:

Activity: watch Matthew Gollub read The Jazz Fly. Discuss the technique of scat singing in jazz.

Day 4

Learning Objective: present personal writings. Understand the meaning of scat singing in jazz

Materials Needed: n/a

Activity: students will write a poem or paragraph that uses onomatopoeia.

Share poems or stories.

Day 5

Learning Objective: present personal writings. Listen to the use of verbal sounds to bring meaning to music.

Materials Needed: n/a


  • listen to more student work

  • listen to some jazz singing