See the Ocean

Day 1

Learning Objective: share and gain basic knowledge of ocean shore

Materials Needed: n/a

Activity: share personal knowledge and experiences about an ocean shore.

Day 2

Learning Objective: discuss and respond to the content of literary text. Recognize the value of multiple perspectives in understanding a concept.

Materials Needed: See the Ocean book by Estelle Condra

Activity: read book aloud. Discuss how Nellie’s perception of the ocean might differ from her brothers’. Reflect on own experiences as a person with visual impairment, including meaning and use of words such as see, look, and watch.

Day 3

Learning Objective: plan design of art project

Materials Needed: audio of natural ocean sounds & the art kit

Activity: plan design of art project

Day 4

Learning Objective: use multi-sensory materials to create art

Materials Needed: art kit

Activity: listen to ocean sounds and work on art project.

Day 5

Learning Objective: verbally describe art

Materials Needed: art kit

Activity: finish, share and describe projects