Fairytale Monologue

Day 1

Learning Objective: Lets learn about a monologue.

Materials Needed: Scenario cards

Activity: Introduce monologues. Give them a couple skits to act out. Learn about fairytales and how to end them. Learning to introduce your characters and make sure you identify what the problem is and how your character feels about it. Learning to offer a solution to the problem based on your character’s opinion. Give short skits on fairytales.

Day 2

Learning Objective: Setting the first monologue

Materials Needed: Scenario cards

Activity: Each person will select a character. The monologue should be 2-3 minute in length. The goal is to express your character's feelings about the problem or situation you are faced with. You will write the monologue to do.

Day 3

Learning Objective: Learning about the script

Materials Needed: Scenario cards

Activity: The students will be given fairy tale scenario cards to act out. Go over the scripts and practice each scene.

Day 4

Learning Objective: Final monologue

Materials Needed: Scenario cards, braille writer, paper

Activity: The students will be responsible for writing and acting out their character’s thoughts and feeling about the outcome of the problem. Your final monologue should be 2-3 minutes

Day 5

Learning Objective: Presentation

Activity: Final day to present your fairytale scenarios.