Container Gardening

Day 1

Learning Objective: Students will understand and follow Classroom Expectations

Materials Needed: Internet / phone

Activity: Review classroom expectations and google classroom. Discuss students prior experiences with gardening. Discover what is commonly found on the back of a seed packet such as planting depth, germination time, days to harvest, and sun requirements.

Day 2

Learning Objective: Students will identify a seed, and its basic needs for germination to occur. Also compare the needs for 3 specific seeds/ plant varieties.

Materials Needed: Internet/ phone

Cucumber seeds, germination kit, soil, container,

Activity: Cucumber Tuesday! Review kit materials, welcome letter and handout. Watch a video about germination, and discuss key points such as a seed's needs in regards to temperature, moisture, and environmental factors. Determine days until cucumber seed should sprout, prepare containers, plant seeds!

Day 3

Learning Objective: Students will recognize various moisture levels in soil.

Materials Needed: Internet/ phone

Lettuce seeds, soil, container, peat moss.

Activity: Wet Lettuce Wednesday! Students will touch dirt in various amounts of saturation to understand how to identify soil moisture in their containers. Discuss drainage holes and how different containers retain different amounts of moisture. Discover peat moss potential and how to make a homemade water gauge. Plant Lettuce seeds! (Soak pea seeds if possible) cut-and-come-again

Day 4

Learning Objective: Students will guide a baby plant to wrap around a trellis.

Materials Needed: Internet/ phone

Pea seeds, container, soil, popsicle stick

Activity: Pea Trellis Thursday! Students will prepare their containers for planting peas and learn about how to help them wrap around a trellis. Julia gives a verbal demo as she trellis’ her pea tendrils.

Day 5

Learning Objective: Students will refine skills in identifying recycled containers that would make good planters, and identify how to alter them for a plant's drainage needs.

Materials Needed: Internet/ phone

Something to take notes on

Activity: Fun Friday! Students will review all three seeds, and mark on a calendar when they should expect germination, and harvest. Recycled objects will be discussed as makeshift planters, with show-and-share at the end. Julia discusses self watering containers.