Bucket Drumming

Day 1

Learning Objective: Learning about bucket drumming

Materials Needed: Bucket, drum sticks, video on bucket drumming,

Activity: Introduce bucket drumming/ sticks. Learn about the bucket and the rim/center/sides. Show a video on bucket drumming. Stick Stoff and Peter Rabbit bucket drumming

Bucket Drumming Day 4

Day 2

Learning Objective: To understand rhythm and listening to patterns

Materials Needed: Bucket, drum sticks

Activity: Lead a rhythm and have class repeat 4 beats using different parts of the drum. Pick a game leader. First person creates a 4 beat rhythm and repeats it. If a student misses a beat they are eliminated. Repeat until only one person remains.

Bucket Drumming Day 1

Day 3

Learning Objective: Learning about the elements of music rhythm cards.

Materials Needed: Bucket, drum sticks

Activity: Review basic rhythms, quarter notes-pie, two eighth notes-pizza, 4 sixteenth note- alligator 1 eighteen and 2 sixteenth notes-pop bottle, 2 sixteenth notes and 1 eighth note- bicycle.. Start with easy cards. Say the word that corresponds to the note. Practice

Bucket Drumming Day 2

Day 4

Learning Objective: To listen to note patterns and counting out beats.

Materials Needed: Bucket, drum sticks

Activity: Practice rhythm cards. Make your own cards. Join group for drumming back and forth following the leader.

Bucket Drumming Day 3

Day 5

Learning Objective: Let’s learn to compose our song.

Materials Needed: Bucket, drum sticks

Activity: Drumming day: present your drum song.

Bucket Drumming Day 5