Bead Making

Day 1

Learning Objective: Students will understand and follow Classroom Expectations

Materials Needed: Internet / phone

Activity: Meet and Materials Monday! Review classroom expectations and google classroom. Discuss students prior experiences with beads and jewelry. Discover common materials used for jewelry making. Read the jeweller section of the class handout. (Homework, find textured objects and bring to class tomorrow)

Day 2

Learning Objective: Students will identify found objects for creating textured impressions.

Materials Needed: Internet/ Phone, Handout, model magic, found objects

Activity: Texture Tuesday! Read and discuss handouts about making texture with found objects. Students practice in real time. Read the textured impression section of the class handout.

Day 3

Learning Objective: Students will shape model magic into spheres, cubes, and cylinders.

Materials Needed: Internet/ Phone, model magic

Activity: Shape it Wednesday! Learn how to make spheres, cubes and cylinders.

Day 4

Learning Objective: Students will use a plastic needle to guide thread through a small hole.

Materials Needed: Internet/ phone, model magic, needle, yarn/ elastic

Activity: Threading Thursday! Practice shaping, texturizing, and then creating the hole in the sculpture. Discuss different angles for the hole to allow the bead to ‘sit’ in desired direction. Read the history of the bead-making section of the class handout.

Day 5

Learning Objective: Students will share their creations with the class.

Materials Needed: Internet, phone, beads

Activity: Fun Friday! Show-and-share. Students will share the beads they made.