Frequently Asked Questions

Is WSBVI Closed?

The Wisconsin School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (WSBVI) will remain closed until further notice to comply with Governor Evers “Safer At Home” order. The safety of our students and their families is most important during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The WCBVI campus, including all buildings, playgrounds, and our outdoor track are closed to all visitors at this time. We will have essential staff on campus for short periods of time to check and distribute mail, maintain technology, collect supplies, ensure the buildings are secure, etc.

Are scheduled activities and events canceled?

All in-person school activities and events have been canceled. This includes WCBVI Outreach events such as low vision clinics, short courses, etc.

Will there be IEP meetings?

Annual IEP meetings will be held through a teleconference platform that will allow for team access through video and/or phone conferencing.

What will educational programs look like?

Curriculum and IEP educational services will be delivered through a variety of platforms based on the needs of the student, his or her access to technology and ability to complete tasks with or without support.

Teachers from each grade level will post learning activities/resources on our WCBVI website Remote Learning portal in Weekly Learning Activities and will continue to do so throughout this timeframe. This will include, activities, resources, and information. Many of our students will need adult structure and assistance at home, based on their age and ability to work independently. Creating a dedicated space and time for learning in your family routine is highly encouraged. See a sample schedule in our Optional Learning and Resources link.

Teachers will use asynchronous teaching and learning. Asynchronous means teachers and students will not be online at the same time.

Some teachers are creating video tutorials and instructions for students and parents to follow from home. Videos or links to the videos will be posted directly in the weekly lesson plan and sometimes sent to the parent or student through email if necessary.

Teachers and service providers are also, to the greatest extent possible, providing print and braille materials to those that do not have access to technology. Not all items will be available immediately or at all, but we will make every effort to provide materials to students in the best mode for their learning.

Teachers will provide, at a minimum, one educational activity for each content area for the week. Your child’s schedule will be emailed to you so that you can check each teacher’s folder for an activity. Plans will be posted in the Weekly Activities folder in the Remote Learning Portal on Monday mornings.

Optional Learning and Resources will be posted on the Remote Learning Portal. These are optional activities for extended learning opportunities.

How will Related Services be provided?

Some related services will be integrated and presented within the context of the educational program; e.g., seating strategies, use of adapted equipment, and communication systems may be facilitated by the teacher in the context of the educational program rather than through an independent session with a therapist. To the extent possible and to the extent it is useful for the student, equipment and devices necessary for students to access their educational program will be sent home to students/families.

In some cases, IEP services may be delivered to students indirectly, that is, the related service provider may provide training to the parent, using a variety of communication methods, to support the learning activities.

As per Prior Written Notice strategies for delivery will be changed. Service providers will provide the student/family with activities, tasks, and/or strategies that support the student’s continued development in indicated areas. In some situations, this may include providing instruction in other areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) in an effort to continue providing the student with instruction and resources related to his/her independence

Support to families may be in the form of phone contact, video demonstration/observation, print/braille packets, and/or email.

Will we be returning to school?

Governor Tony Evers’ order has closed all Wisconsin schools indefinitely. Decisions regarding the school year will be shared when we receive more guidance from the Department of Public Instruction.

Will there be Summer School this year?

At this time, we are awaiting guidance from the Department of Public Instruction regarding decisions related to summer learning. More information will be shared when we learn more in the days ahead.